Expelled Online Streaming

If you want to watch expelled online you come to the right place because we managed to find HD version of online streaming link so you can watch it for free without any paid subscription like other websites are asking, also they have annoying ads that you need to click on so me of them can also damage your PC so beware.

Felix (Cameron Dallas) after many mistakes he made in school he is now expelled after 3rd strike. Now with his new friends he will do everything to hide that from his parents who are very strict. He is prankster and he done many bad things at schoost that was the main reason why he was expelled.

Thats short summary of movie if you are really interested to see expelled movie in HD you can do it on above link.

Evolve: your monsters, fight!


The new game from 2K, Evolve, was released on 10 February. A new approach to the multiplayer shooter.On the planet Shear, hunters trying to thwart the plans of monsters who want to take control of the premises. A fight against a four, far from being uneven, and an interesting new game experience.

Evolve, the new game from 2K (NBA 2K, Bioshock, Borderlands, etc.), was released on 10 February. Crowned numerous awards last year, this atypical game offers you to join the camp of hunters or embody a monster. A fight in four against one far from balanced.

Developed by the studio Turtle Rock, dad of the game Left4Dead This shooter is revolutionary with its asymmetric gameplay (meaning an unfair fight in number) and its multiplayer aspect. All characters, hunter or watch, can be controlled by a player and this is the novelty of this small Evolve that immerses you in the jungle, where a horde of monsters trying to take control of the planet Shear.

Four hunter classes are available (assault, trapper, support, healer) and three characters in each category, with their own weapons and skills. You will need to unlock throughout your battles and points gleaned passage. To face the monster, each team must have a representative from each hunter class. To you to choose depending on the monster you face. You can count on the dog Daisy (only uncontrollable speaker) to lead you to the beast. But it’s not just the monster to blame you in this hostile universe. Carnivorous plants, little monsters or crocodiles are much danger to be avoided. But you can bet on your jetpack to fly over dangerous areas or access to those most uneven in height.

A multiplayer game, but an interesting single player

If you ultimately choose to play the monster, that’s a different way to approach the game. Lower in the beginning, it will evolve into attacking his enemy and feeding of animals killed. But beware, in its phase of evolution, it is vulnerable. What to do by being well hidden hunters! Three monsters are available (Goliath, Kraken, Spectrum). They can be powerful, able to fly or build on the speed of their movement. A fourth monster can be unlocked by gaining experience and skills to unlock.

A total of 16 cards are available in the game and four modes (hunting, nest, rescue, defense). The “Evacuation mode” includes all maps and game variations across part in five days, still four against one. “During the test phases alpha and beta, it was found that the distribution of the victories were 51% for monsters, 49% for hunters,” explains Iain Willows, producer of Evolve.

The offline single player mode offers an interesting experience for those who prefer to play away from the multiplayer and mandatory connection. You also choose your side.The real added value is the side of hunters because you can freely switch characters during battle. The opportunity to develop its own strategy, to set traps (arena to block the monster, trap, bombs, etc.) or … to avoid dying by switching into the skin of another hunter.

Do not be especially heart because what awaits you is a great deal of stress, a sacred adrenaline rush and a little anxiety-side track down a monster. We greatly appreciate the freedom to play alone or with others, online or offline facing artificial intelligences.Freedom to play once thought doomed to disappear in the shooting games. To you now decide whether you prefer stalking or flight.

YouTube Video Kids offers secure children on Monday

Kids will be able to watch videos on YouTube safely.The giant Internet video starts Monday, February 23 from its YouTube service on Kids Android tablets and smartphones.

Like all users, your children like to watch videos on the net.But one is never sure what they will actually see, between research truncated by evil spirits and suggestions unsuitable for young viewers. For not all pass under parental control or to be constantly on their backs, YouTube , reserved service (normally) to more than 13 years, decided to diversify.

There are a few months, Google explained wanting to open its services to children securely and framed. This is a screenshot that has leaked on the net Thursday night, and was spotted by USA Today , as we learned this first step of giant Internet search. The image has unveiled YouTube Kids, application of video viewing dedicated to children. It will be available on 23 February, but only on Android devices (Google home product) initially.

Freedom and security as watchwords

“Parents are always asking if we can make YouTube more safe for children,” said Shimrit ben Yair, product manager of the group. It recognizes that families are the appropriate content business thriving on YouTube. “On YouTube, we recorded an annual growth of 50% of viewing time. For special family entertainment channels, rather it is 200%.”

Here, no parental controls to adjust or identification. YouTube Kids comes in the form of a child-friendly interface and easy to use with icons to access the main functions (youth programs, radio, education, research, the most popular videos). Comments have been removed to maximize viewing without external discomfort. The child is free to browse and select the appropriate content, but the parents retain control with a timer to set the time for using the app.

Protecting children online is a trend of the moment. Samsung has created a dedicated interface for its tablet and its future smartphones. Vine Vine launched its Kids. Google is also working on a search engine better suited to juniors. TV channels have also followed suit multi-screens with specific content such TFou Max, the video-on-demand unlimited for TF1 children (Maya the Bee, The Barbapapa) or the channels of France Télévisions taking them on YouTube and Ludo Zouzous programs (over 1500 videos).