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About Dragon City Cheats and Hacks

We are introducing you new released dragon city hack online tool that are available for all devices because it's web based generator. You probably wondering how it is possible to hack game when it's secured, we can now tell you that everything can be accomplished with right knowledge and every security can be breached. We worked hard to found glitch in their system and we finally done that successfully, the way everything works is that when you add specific amount of resources via our generator their system thinks that you already earned these resources and for gems they think you bought it, also they do not manually check transactions which is good because that way they never can found when you are using our dragon city hack online, their system is automated as well as ours. We will keep this generator updated if in some case they release patch for it and this cheat stops working.


Dragon City is facebook game created by Spanish developers called Social Point. Game is available on facebook, iOS, and Android devices. There are three main currencies in game which is Gold, Food and Gems (Premium Currency). Gold is used most of the time in game and it's for cleaning tasks feeding your dragon which can later produce gold. There is not energy bar in game which limits time of playing game, it's something different from other games that use that feature. It's useful because most of the time in these type of games people who are active in game over nicht also can be a lot more powerful than people who don't have time or they are at work or sleeping. The gold also can be earned by selling items, selling dragon eggs and by winning tournaments also winning in other type of challenges. But to enter in arena you need to be level 10 where you will challenge other players and when you defeat them you will be rewarded with resources, experience or other type of items and prizes. There is also risk of getting your dragon killed or injured during combat so you must make sure that you have strong dragon before you enter in fight arena, you must take care of your dragon if you want to be able to defeat other people and be best in this game. Dragon city have more than half million players and more than 200.000 active daily players and these numbers are increasing every day.

Dragon City Cheats

Now when we speak about premium currency Gems it's really hard to get them that's why we developed this dragon city cheats, only way you can get few is to level up, win in some tournaments and some special events. Now to get some normal amount of gems you need to spend real money, that's why we decided to make cheat dragon city hack. If you get a lot of gems you will be able to buy all other resources in game with it. We don't like to see people pay for something especially when it's game currency. And the last resource in game is Food which is important for feeding your dragon so he can gain more experience and get better level. Food can be collected by making farms and later collecting food in stacks. We forgot to include one cool feature which can let you visit your friends city and help him speed up process by clicking on buildings and farms, that way you also gain experience and get some resources also. When it comes to graphics it's really nice, game engine is really smooth without lag on most of the mobile devices as well as tablets. If someone have smart phone with low-end specs then he can play it on PC over facebook which is in our opinion better then playing it on mobile device with smaller screen. On PC you can enjoy larger screen and make tasks much more faster. Music is also enjoyable, some people turn it off but they make big mistake because with music and sound battle effects it's much better and people enjoy more playing game than with sound turned OFF. The game requires at least android 3.1 or iOS 4.0, minimum amount of RAM is 256mb. For much better performance it's required to have 1gb or more. Some people get's a lot of crashes and there are also some bugs in game which developers work hard to fix and people also report them when they see it so it's much more faster that way. Make sure you have latest update of your game to avoid crashes and bugs but again it's very rare to find them while playing. One again thanks for visiting our dragon city hack online gems website.